Toronto Heating and Cooling Services

Boiler Repair

It is imperative that your system be cleaned annually to prevent premature parts failure and diminished efficiency

Boilers are either floor mounted or wall mounted. Boilers when supply both heating and domestic(water for washing dishes or shower) are called Combi Boiler, which reduces the cost of having both hot water tank and boiler, as well as saving space in the mechanical room

Basic Boiler Diagnostic troubleshooting guides

    1. is the boiler filled with water
    2. is the power to the boiler is on
    3. is thermostat is on and does it have battery to operate
    4. is the gas/electricity supplied to the boiler
    5.  the gas/hydro company has turned off the gas/electricity to the boiler
    6. is the breaker on or tripped and is stocked in the middle
    7. is the circulator pump working
    8. did you bleed the radiators
    9. are the valves feeding the radiators are open
    10. is the water feed valve from the cold water to the boiler is open
    11. is there a water/gas leak
    12. is the condensate pipe clogged
    13. do you know how to operate the unit?
    14. The programming or set point is correct
    15. is the thermistor outside right match to the boiler
    16. has the boiler been programmed properly for the outdoor sensor
    17. if the boiler has a pilot light, is it on?

Forced Air furnace Repair


Heating Diagnostics/troubleshooting 
For $85 plus tax, a licensed technician will come to your house and provide you with a detail and cost to fix your furnace. The technician will do the followings

  1. diagnose/troubleshoot the problem
  2. provide a quote for the parts and labor to fix the unit.
  3. check the safety of your equipment


common furnace problems

1, furnace does not generate any heat(cold air coming off of the supply grills)

  1. furnace turns on but doe not remain on
  2. co detector beeps when the furnace turns on

4.thermostat is not working or showing on the display

  1. furnace is leaking water
  2. furnace makes rumbling noise
  3. not enouth air pressue on the supply grills
  4. thermostat not showing accurate temperature



Forced air furnace repair

Basic furnace diagnostic, diy

1, check whether you have electrical power to the furnace

  1. furnace breaker is on
  2. furnace switch is on
  3. thermostat has good battery
  4. furnace filter is not too dirt
  5.  condensate drain pipe is not clogged or open