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Heat Pumps

when we chat about heating and cooling, mainly is about air conditioner for cooling and furnace(either fuel based burning or electric), nowadays with advance of technology, there is other option which has become economical to use heat pump, meaning to use the heat outside to bring it inside the house. how about when the temperature is say, -40 centigrade: with new technology the heat can be transferred to the house(as we may remember anything over -273 celcius, absolute zero, has heat inside)
The heat pumps are categorized
1. Heat Pump located outside, very similar to outdoor condenser

Provide all-in-one heating and cooling throughout the year.

2. Ductless heat pump(also called mini split system)

Provide comfort to specific rooms so you don’t waste energy.
3. heat pumps used for condominiums, similar to packaged hvac system
4. packaged hvac systems

Offer an option for people with limited indoor space

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