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Furnace Service and Cleaning

Forced-air furnaces are reliable, but cleaning and regular maintenance is required to keep them operating at peak efficiently. Since 2010 only high-efficiency furnaces have been installed in Canadian homes. They are technological wonders but far more elaborate than the older furnaces that many of us grew up with. Cleaning and servicing them requires technical skill and should only be undertaken by trained technicians.

Benefits of Regular Furnace Service

Having your furnace service done regularly will greatly reduce the likelihood of a breakdown and your furnace will operate more efficiently, reducing your heating bills. Also, an efficient furnace is healthier for your family. We focus on helping you avoid an unnecessary furnace replacement by keeping it working at peak efficiency.

Annual maintenance of forced-air furnaces includes:

  • Thorough diagnostic check
  • Furnace blower removed and cleaned
  • Blower compartment cleaned
  • Furnace, burners, venting/flue and heat exchangers cleaned
  • Blower motor checked, cleaned and lubricated (if necessary)
  • New filter installed
  • Furnace ignition and blower operation tested

Check These Things Before Calling Us

If your furnace isn’t working, there are a couple things you can check before calling us for any furnace repairs. Occasionally we arrive at a home only to find the thermostat setting had been lowered, so that is what you should check first.

If the circuit breaker for your furnace has tripped go ahead and reset it, but if it trips again you have a problem that needs to be dealt with by a professional. That goes for the pilot light too: if it goes out, again and again, you need our help.

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