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Cooling HVAC Service, Installation and Repair, Toronto

Let our experienced techs bring comfort back to your home when your AC goes on the fritz with our professional air conditioner repair services in Toronto. This city may be a bit more famous for the cold, but the summers here can be very unpleasant when you don’t have an AC system to keep your home at the perfect climate.

Repair is just the beginning of what we offer to our customers. We’re also happy to provide everything from air conditioning maintenance and air conditioning installation. No matter what your home needs to keep it comfortable, we’re here with broad expertise, the right tools and fair prices.

Thanks to experience and a commitment to continuing education, our pros are familiar with nearly every type of unit out there, and are able to provide the most advanced air conditioning repair services. Both older systems and the ones with the newest futuristic features can be safely handled. If you need it replaced, we can handle the removal and installation of your new unit.

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The Right Team for Your Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air conditioners are notorious for having refrigerant leaks that slowly fail to cool your home until it stops working altogether. The problem is, without a technician testing the refrigerant levels, the homeowner doesn’t really know if their AC is running optimally or not. Low refrigerant levels forces your AC to run longer and harder to cool your home, increasing wear and tear on the unit.

Your outdoor unit consists of a compressor, condenser coil and a large fan that cools down both those components. As time goes by, dirt and debris builds up on your outdoor unit, restricting the airflow. This causes the compressor and condenser coil to get very hot. If the AC continues to run in these conditions for a prolong amount of time, the compressor can overheat and burnout. The compressor is a major component in the AC system and very expensive to replace, you don’t want this to happen.

Our maintenance services will ensure your AC is free from any obstruction and properly tuned, letting you chill out through the summer.